Tuesday, 28 September 2010

{ Perfect Wedding magazine - October Issue }

The magazine cover which featured my cakes

Woke up to the sound of the postman shoving the mail through our front door ,when I came across quite a heavy envelope addressed to me... Initially I was puzzled as I wasn't expecting a package. Once opened, I was looking at the October Issue of the Perfect Wedding magazine with a note from the lovely Sarah Murray (Advertising Manager for the magazine) reading "Hi Samia posting you the latest edition of the magazine with editorial notes on your cake". 
A huge smile beamed across my face and luckily my hubby was working from home that day as well. I ran to his office and then I opened the page Sarah had marked for me and there was my cake which was the Editor's choice!! I was overjoyed, once again screaming like a lunatic!! :)
Editor's choice
 After a nice cuppa tea, I was casually browsing through the magazine and to my surprise, on page 43, my Rock n' Roll cake was staring at me. I was so happy, just beaming inside because this is the moment where all the hard work, late nights and time away from hubby and family paid off. It wasn't all for nothing...:)

Rock Chic cake